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Fog of War
By chance, do any of you guys know if the FoW can be removed with a .dll mod? Or is this something we have to wait for the official tools for? I have some theories I want to test in a controlled environment.
Hey G4M5T3R,

Yes, this can be done with a DLL mod. We removed the FOW before just to see what the AI was up to. I'll try and see if I can find it and upload it here.
Sweet, I'd appreciate it.
I found it. It is uploaded here. 

For those interested in how it was done:

using HumankindModTool.Framework;
using Amplitude.Mercury.Simulation;
using Amplitude.Mercury.Interop;

[assembly: ModPackage(
    Creator = "AOM",
    Name = "No Fog of War",
    Description = "Removes the fog of war from the game."
namespace AOM.Humankind.NoFogofWar

    public class NoFogofWar:DepartmentOfTheInterior
        [PrependMethod(Type= typeof(DepartmentOfTheInterior), Member =nameof(DepartmentOfTheInterior.Load))]
        public void Load_RemoveFOW(){
            this.ProcessOrderEnableFogOfWar(new OrderEnableFogOfWar
                Enable = false
Thanks Smile

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