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Humankind Mod Tool Alpha (Windows)
[Image: y4mXvC8BeZAM45DMwJNTMDR3QojqdEg5ThJqzFyE...pmode=none]

Humankind Mod Tool is a program that allows users to create gameplay dll mods for Amplitude's Humankind game and share them with others in a managed way that does not require sharing the original game DLLs or any recompilation on the user's side. 

Please note, this tool now works in conjunction with the BepInEx tool available on Git Hub. You will need the BepInEx tool to use the Humankind Mod Tool.

In addition to facilitating the creation of .dll mods, the Humankind Mod Tool makes installing, de-installing, and keeping track of your mods easy. Installing a mod is a drag-and-drop process and de-installing is just a button click. Please note, you can use the BepInEx tool on its own to install mods into your game. The Humankind Mod Tool simply makes the process easier.

See the tutorial for installing mods here

Making a mod using the Humankind Mod Tool:

A modder uses HMT to create a Visual Studio project that references the game's DLLs as well as the BepInEx mod framework. The modder uses the framework to create a mod file that can be used by HMT to patch the game files.

See the tutorial for creating a mod here


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