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More ways to have an economic war with the A.I.s and other things.
Is it possible to use treaties to isolate other players (like they can not trade with anyone or have open borders with other players), all of this can cost a lot of Influence so another way to use that resource in the late game/throughout the game as you spend it to isolate someone or get yourself out of isolation and so on. Plus, isolating someone can give them a lot of war support while cutting yours making it even more dangerous to do it.

Can we ask the A.I. players for loans, like 100 money but in return we pay two times the amount back over 50 turns so... for the next 50 turns pay back 4 money each turn.

If at any point you fail to pay doing the 50 turns they get a large amount of war support against you and can demand what is left if you lose the war just like other demands (yeah, I am thinking it should automatically start a war if you fail to pay at any point). If you go to war with that A.I. (you declare war of any type) while you are still paying them back your war support is severely cut (maybe by as much as 80%). If the A.I. goes to war against you the terms of the deal are canceled, you do not have to pay anything else back.

Plus, is it be possible to set something up where you can sell units to other players or give units to independent people?

Lastly, is it possible mod in something to allow bribing the A.I.s into starting wars with other players? The money cost should be high I am thinking since it could be easily abused and/or a few conditions for why they would refuse.

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