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How to add personas to Humankind - _OM_ - 10-24-2021

This tutorial will show you how to add multiple personas to Humankind that you can use in your own game.

What you will need:

The BepInEx system installed. If you don't have it, please check out the link and instructions HERE (Windows) or HERE (Mac). Read more about the BepInEx system and why we use it for Humankind mods HERE.
The Personas mod (Download HERE)

1. Install the Personas mod (see the above BepInEx instructions if you do not know how to install Humankind .dll mods)
2. Start the game. This will generate a Persona folder in your Documents/Humankind folder. Minimize the game.
3. Open the Persona folder: Documents/Humankind/Persona
4. Inside the documents folder you will find a config.json file

[Image: aZIetEv.jpg]

5. Open the config file using a text editor like Notepad ++
6. Change the name of the current persona to the name you want for the new persona. If you also want to unlock locked archetypes, strengths, and biases, change the word "false" to "true" at the end of the line.

[Image: f3QKYE7.jpg]

7. After changing the name, save the file.
8. Bring the game back up. Select My Profile and make the desired changes to the avatar and AI persona sections. Please note, the persona will have the name you added in the config file rather than your previous persona name. Make changes to the new persona as usual and save them.
9. Unless you want to play as the persona you just made, re-open the config.json and change the new persona name back to what you were using before. You will see the new persona has been added as a .persona in the Persona folder.
10. The next time you start a new game, you will be able to select the new persona you made as a competitor. You can share .persona files with other people who have the mod installed. To use the personas someone else made, you need to place the .persona file in your Documents/Humankind/Persona folder.

If you run into questions or issues, please post below.

RE: How to add personas to Humankind - kitboom - 02-02-2022

I use a MacOS version and I cannot find the Persona folder anywhere. Is there a fix ?

RE: How to add personas to Humankind - _A_ - 02-02-2022

(02-02-2022, 03:06 AM)kitboom Wrote: I use a MacOS version and I cannot find the Persona folder anywhere. Is there a fix ?

The MacOS version equivalent of the "Documents/Humankind" folder is "/Users/[Your Username]/Library/Application Support/Humankind".

RE: How to add personas to Humankind - CaesarWolny - 08-05-2022

Is there a place where people can exchange personas? I made Alexander Cleopatra and Martin Luther King. It takes some time to make me wonder if there are people who would like to exchange leaders so everybody has more in game.