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Personas - Create AI personas to play against in Humankind
This mod allows you to create and share as many AI personas as you want. It also has an option to unlock all of the strengths/biases/archetypes to make your opponent exactly how you want them to be whether you have unlocked the trophy or not. 

Your custom personas will be stored in your Documents/Humankind/Persona folder rather than the online G2G platform. Saved personas have the .persona extension, but they are just a text file. You can send these files to others that have the mod installed and they will be able to play with the persona that you made. You can have as many personas as you want in this folder. To add or remove one from the game, just add or remove it from this folder. If you would like to try a persona that is already made, there is the Cleopatra persona used in the screenshot below attached to this thread.

This mod works in multiplayer. In our tests, all players had the mod, but it may only be needed for the host. 

When you first install the mod, it will create the Persona folder, config file, add your character as a potential opponent the first time you start the game. To create your own personas, see this tutorial HERE

This mod uses BepInEx and will not modify your game files. You can install the mod manually by placing it in your BepInEx plugins folder, but the easiest way to install the mod is using the Humankind Mod Tool: Instructions (Windows) (Mac)

[Image: y4m-mBiAXR0zAiVyrhRZDiG2f62dFMlqZJ6EkCYf...pmode=none]

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