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Humankind .dll mods - how they work
The Humankind game has numerous .dlls which contain the code that allows the game to run. A mod makes changes to the game's .dll or alters the way that the .dll code is run during the game.

There are different kinds of .dll mods that can be made for the game. The most basic kind includes the entire game .dll in a modified form. Mods made in this way will be incompatible with other mods that modify the same game .dll. If you place one of these into your game, it will overwrite the entire .dll, including any material that was already overwritten by the same kind of mod that was made to cause a different change.

The BepInEx system that is used for all the mods we offer on Gamechange allows modders to modify the code of the same .dll without causing incompatibility. For this reason, this method of making mods is superior to the other.

Importantly, if you download a .dll mod that does not use the BepInEx system or some similar method, that .dll mod will overwrite your entire game .dll, removing any other mod that modifies that .dll.
Which files should i look for at the decompiled game files to modify current stats of units,tenets,cultures,luxes and tenets?
Or are most of these outside the scope HMT provides?
Hi Khaiboom999, there are game database records as text files HERE. It includes things like units and buildings, etc. Changing stats is within the scope of the tool the developers released, and these can be changed using a .dll mod (what the HMT makes).

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