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Rainbow (More Humankind faction colors)
This mod adds 24 new faction colors to the 12 included in the vanilla Humankind game. It is also extensible, so you can add your own or remove any of the existing ones that you don't care for.

This mod uses BepInEx and will not modify your game files. You can install the mod manually by placing it in your BepInEx plugins folder, but the easiest way to install the mod is using the Humankind Mod Tool: Instructions for Windows HERE and for Mac HERE.

.zip   Rainbow (Size: 12.89 KB / Downloads: 1,126)

Change Notes:
Version (November 3, 2021):
Updated for the "Fabius" patch. Since the Fabius patch does not allow increasing the number of colors or a precise hex entry, we have updated the mod. You can use the in-game color picker to alter your extended palette, and it will save it o the mod's color settings file.  Colors are now stored in the Documents/Humankind/Faction Colors folder instead of BepInEx config.

If you would like to add your own colors or remove some that you don't like, read this TUTORIAL.

[Image: y4mmn564e7tOp0Alu-RLvX6C9Orf5uAV5nwilluM...pmode=none]

[Image: y4m_3BKSrlPxDbSaz5sDO-_VG3NRxKQTN0qsxvTA...pmode=none]
this is my personal palette in case someone wants to give it a try... just 20 colors, based on Amplitude's selection with  new hues obtained using the color picker over at

  "#765dc0", //blue-violet-crayola
  "#8e68fc", //medium-slate-blue
  "#6b68eb", //medium-slate-blue-2
  "#4767d9", //royal-blue-light
  "#457dca", //bright-navy-blue
  "#4293ba", //blue-green
  "#3cbf9b", //mountain-meadow
  "#42d2ab", //caribbean-green
  "#80d27b", //mantis
  "#bed24b", //june-bud
  "#dfd04d", //arylide-yellow
  "#ffcd4e", //sunglow
  "#fdb64d", //yellow-orange
  "#fb9f4b", //deep-saffron
  "#cb7f4b", //raw-sienna
  "#9a5e4b", //redwood
  "#bc3b4f", //french-raspberry
  "#de1753", //ua-red
  "#932f4d", //quinacridone-magenta
  "#474747", //davys-grey

[Image: moMv6c0.jpg]

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