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Faster Battle Animation Speed in Humankind
This mod increases the existing "Battle Animation Speed" option in the Humankind game, so that you can increase it up to 50x instead of just 3x. While it was already possible to do so by editing the game settings file directly, this mod just makes it more convenient and allows you to adjust it while in game. You may not want it at 50 (it moves so quickly that it is difficult to see what is going on), but you can select anything below that as well. 

This mod uses BepInEx and will not modify your game files. You can install the mod manually by placing it in your BepInEx plugins folder, but the easiest way to install the mod is using the Humankind Mod Tool: Instructions for Windows HERE and for Mac HERE.

[Image: y4mZpqNw1YrkWL4Gr2q2DVJ4FR9du9kFRFbZ2IXB...pmode=none]

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