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[OUTDATED] Humankind Teams
This mod was broken with the Bolivar patch. Since we no longer play this game, we cannot continue supporting this mod through the various patches the game will continue to go through. 

This mod adds basic team functionality to the Humankind game. The way that teams work with this mod are:

1. Teams are set up in the World settings before the game is started.
2. Players don't have to have a team assigned, but any player with the same team id assigned will be considered teammates.
3. Teammates will start on the same continent. Within the continent, the mod will attempt to place teammates close together, but you may end up closer to an opponent team if more than one team ends up on the same continent.
4. Teammates start with an alliance so that they have shared vision from turn 1.
5. Teammates cannot leave their alliance.
6. Fame score is shared between teams. All fame accumulations are split between each living member of the team. When a teammate is eliminated, they take their fame with them - it is not transferred to the surviving member(s). If a member is eliminated, any fame gathered by teammates after that is divided between the living members only. The eliminated teammate will not siphon off fame earned after its elimination.
7. Members of the team will still have to make alliance treaties. AI teammates may not be willing to do so early in the game (we can work on that).
8. Teams can include more than 2 players and they can be made up of human and AI players.

We've tested this mod in games with 2-player human teams and up to 3 AIs per team. We have not tested it in single player so we are interested in knowing how that works if anyone gives it a try. 

In our experience, the mod tends to energize AIs that have AI teammates. They trade, settle near each other, and engage in war together. In our games with AI teammates, it was always the case that if one AI became involved in a war, all members of its team soon joined that war. Their troops tend to be more up to date than usual for the Humankind AI. We are very interested in knowing if this is what other people notice when using this mod.

This mod uses BepInEx and will not modify your game files. You can install the mod manually by placing it in your BepInEx plugins folder, but the easiest way to install the mod is using the Humankind Mod Tool: Instructions for Windows HERE and for Mac HERE.


.zip   Humankind Teams (Size: 22.95 KB / Downloads: 455)

Currently, this adds basic team functionality only. Members of a team, as in any Humankind game alliance, will not be able to share money, give land, or join in a battle. In the future, we hope to add at least some of these features.

Team Setup:

When setting up the game, select the team you want each player to join. Below, Players 1 and 2 are on team 1. Players 3 and 4 are on team 2. And, players 5, 6, and 7 are on team 3. As there are only seven players, the selections for players 8-10 do not matter.

[Image: y4mSIUsVvjFjgFuI6-toMo2e4AxDTNXhtPr_BVr7...pmode=none]

Score Distribution:

[Image: y4mp6w_5bRtTLPaxSya5FQBRjawTjHfykC5YfPf3...pmode=none]

Previous unsupported versions available below:

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 25.71 KB / Downloads: 415)
I have no real use of this mod for now, but I just come to say how incredible this mod is. It can be so uselfull for multiplayer. And even in Solo play, it can change the game on a large scale and offer a new experience.
Hi, is this mod going to be compatible with the Bolivar update any time soon? Thanks
We do not play this game anymore and won't be updating mods for it. Thank you for letting us know that this one is broken. I'll upload the main post to let others know it is incompatible with that patch.

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