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More Religious Tenets for Humankind (v2)
This mod adds a new tenet tier, 26 new religious tenets, and a religious deed. Further, it alters the bonus of one base game tenet. All five tenet tiers have 10 tenets to choose from. 

The mod also adds a specific era tech requirement in addition to follower count to unlock each tenet tier. This requirement pairs tenet tier with an era so it is no longer the case that all religious tiers are finished by the Medieval era. This feature allows later tier tenets to be balanced for the era they are unlocked in.

There is a description of all of the new tenets, a description of the new religious deed, and a list of the new era-specific tier requirements below the image. Please note, some of the tenets introduced in v.1 of this mod have been altered slightly for balance based on community feedback. These have been marked with an asterisk in the list below to highlight the changed tenets.

This is our first effort to improve Humankind religion. We are planning on adding a final tier (tier 6) and the ability to limit the number of tenets per tier (with a randomization feature, possibly). We are also thinking of adding religious infrastructures and events and possibly a district. Fame stars, changes to the way religion spreads, and perhaps a religious end-game condition are also potential targets for improving religion. 

Please share what you think about the mod, any of the above ideas, and/or your own thoughts on ways to make religion better in Humankind. If you run into any issues with the mod please report them in the thread below.

We've tested the mod in single and multiplayer games and had no issues. The mod will work on Windows and Mac. It is compatible with the current patched version of the game.

This mod uses BepInEx and will not modify your game files. You can install the mod manually by placing it in your BepInEx plugins folder, but the easiest way to install the mod is using the Humankind Mod Tool: Instructions (Windows) (Mac)

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on this mod. Special thanks to ArphenixNombreyApellido, and Saxo Grammaticus for ideas and detailed analyses of the v. 1 tenets.

.zip   More Religious Tenets (Size: 65.04 KB / Downloads: 452)
Change Notes:
Version (December 3, 2021):
Removed the Tier 6 tech unlock since there are no Tier 6 tenets yet.

[Image: y4mv6Tl7NHuiWGR__ugVz6n20Gv2PmTgEtdS7CBz...pmode=none]
[Image: y4meMp276zl3asiVIGkUnAwmOMGFwfpK1aa46k6n...pmode=none]

New Religious Deed

RENAISSANCE: Select a Tier 4 Religious Tenet: Awarded to the first team that selects a Tier 4 tenet: Gives 100 Fame on normal speed (modified as other fame awards are by anything that modifies fame bonuses; e.g., Nuclear Disarmament civic)

New Tier Requirements

TIER 1: X followers, Calendar (Ancient era)
TIER 2: X followers, Rhetoric  (Classical era)
TIER 3: X followers, Theology (Medieval era)
TIER 4: X followers, Centralized Power (Early Modern era)
TIER 5: X followers, Nationhood (Industrial era)

All technology requirements are indicated by the faith symbol which appears within the relevant technology box on the Tech Tree.
Additionally, the Tenet screen includes a tooltip that shows the faith and technology requirements necessary to obtain the tier.

New Tenets (all give +1 Holy Site except as noted)

*Seek Inspiration: Renew your faith in nature's sacred spaces: +3 Faith on oasis, caves, craters, dimension stones, and hot springs
*Volunteer your strength: The mighty should flock to defend the faithful: -8% Industry cost on units

*Elevate the Faith: Our mighty constructions will glorify the divine: +7 Influence on built wonder
Be Industrious: Let your work reflect the strength of your faith: +1 Workers slot on Holy sites
*Welcome Unbelievers: Open our holy sites to the ignorant that they may learn our faith: +5 Influence on Holy sites
*Be Constant As Water: Let the Divine flow through you: +1 Faith on rivers and +2 Faith on waterfalls
*Observe Fasts: At prescribed times, deny yourself physical nourishment so you may gain spiritual sustenance: -10% population consumption on city or outpost (changed from a bonus of +5 food on Harbors).

*Praise Transformation: Acknowledge the faith of your neighbors: +5 Faith on Administrative Centers and Main Plaza
Seek the Earth's bounty: Take the best land to nurture your communities: +2 Food per river
Till the Soil: The community grows when nourished by the faithful: +1 Farmer slot on cites and outposts per Holy site
Improve Your Settlements: A mighty city manifests Divine favor: -5% Industry cost on districts

*Develop Your Faith: Attain new knowledge through religious instruction: +30 Faith per Holy site
*Obey Religious Leaders: Those chosen by the Divine will lead your community wisely: +20 Influence per Holy site
*Gather Crops Diligently: Let no fruit wither on the vine: +5 Food on Administrative Centers and Main Plaza
Share Your Abundance: Allow the faithful to benefit from your good fortune: +10 Food on Holy Sites
Begrudge Not Your Defender: The swords of the faithful protect us all: -5% Army upkeep on Army
Relinquish Worldly Goods: Deliver your wealth for the enrichment of the faith: +2 Money per adjacent Market Quarter, +3 maximum number of Holy Sites

TIER 5 (all tenets in this tier give +2 Holy Sites)
Tithe Willingly: Gold and faith strengthen our nation: Modify all Constructibles Money Buyout cost by -40%
Toil Joyfully: Your labor will build a faithful nation: Industry output increased by 15% of the follower count in cities following the religion
Cultivate the Land: Even our nation's deserts flower for the faithful: +3 food on stone and rock fields
Dedicate Your Strength: Let the nation's work support our faith: +3 Industry per adjacent Makers Quarter on Holy sites
Expand Your Horizons: The sun never sets on a faithful nation: +2 City Cap
Feed the Faithful: Support your religious community: +1 Food per Faith in each city
Be a Missionary: Teach other nations to follow your faith: Fame gains increased by 5% of your state religion's follower count
Be Steadfast: Let no outsider diminish your faith: -10% Foreign Religion strength bonus on empire
Be Vigilant: Defend your religious homeland: +1 Veterancy for Militia units on all cities
Celebrate Your Faith: Praise the Divine from border to border: +10% Faith on territories if the territory follows your state religion

Previous versions:

Attached Files
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.zip   More Religious Tenets (Size: 65 KB / Downloads: 432)
is it possible to create mod that remove limitation of tenet or duplicate tenet?
I play with the mod. For now I can't check all tenets, but just do these general observations :
- I'm at the end of era3 and already reach 4th tenet. So of course, more tiers are needed.
- As there is many tenets, maybe more than players (and I'm sure at the end, if you add more tenets by tiers, it will be), maybe a interesting game mechanic is you can choose a 2th tenet in the same tier. For now there is 10 tenets/tiers. If there is 8 players, it mean there is 2 tenets left, no one choose. So it could be nice. Of course, if you add more tenets each tier, it's sure it's a must. It's a way to cheat with the 4 tenets tier limitation and get more tenets.
- About the tenets, here I can't summarize each one, but about the tenet that give faith. I feel like giving only faith only isn't something that motivate enough to choose the tenet. It consumme 1 tier on 4, for just have more faith and choose another tenet. I don't know if I'm clear. So, the tenet give some faith, ok, but it need to give something effective.
- Example, seek inspiration : +3 faith on some location. Nice. But maybe it could be less faith and another bonus with that. It could look a bit like natural reserve. A bit of everything on the location, rainbow location. It's just an idea, but you see what I mean. I would like the tenet give me really something other than faith.
We are currently adding the last couple tenets to the 5th tier (so it will have 10 tenets like the others). We've also made a mod that ties each tier to an era (Tier 1 - Ancient era, Tier 2 - Classical era, and so on). We also plan to make a mod that allows players to choose the number of tenets they want available in each tier at the start of the game and randomize the ones which appear if there are fewer tenets than 10 in any given tier. After that, we plan to add religious events and deeds, and possibly fame stars/end condition. So that religion will be more robust. In this context, the tenets that give faith are a means to an end as the others are. We did not want to add religious deeds, events, fame, and end condition until first the player had a means of controlling their religion more than the vanilla game allows. We also plan on adding some religious infrastructure and possibly a district.
Would it be possible to "link" religious tenants to ideology axis in a manner which effects stability?
This is just an idea thats been stuck in my head and since you guys are making a religion megamod i figured id spit it your way.

One of the things I personally dislike about the vanilla religious system is how it treats all religions equally in terms of cultural transference and cultural impact. This could be fixed by having (some, not all) religious tenants effect stability based on ideology axis positions. This would also turn religious spread into a form of cultural warfare, possibly made more interesting by making the secularism civic provide a flat boost to empire stability and state atheism having no inherent effect on stability making atheism "stable" for its followers and therefore an appealing payment for losing the buffs from their old state religion.

for example, the tier two tenant of "welcome unbelievers" could be negatively linked to homeland ideology. If selected, negative stability is generated if this is a territory's majority religion AND the empire holding that territory is in either tier 1 or 2 of the homeland ideology axis.

I think, if added, it should mostly be done through negative, not positive, stability effects to avoid stability bloat. It also adds a nice effect where some tenants will mesh together while others will clash. Players can intentionally select clashing tenants to "balance" the stability effects or double down with meshing tenants, locking themselves into a ideology and, perhaps, punishing their neighbors.

anyways, that idea is now out of my head, Im at peace, do with it what you will if anything at all. Nice mod!
Hi happyinmyhead, this is a really interesting idea that I wish I'd thought of myself. It fits the game in many ways, ties ideology and religion together, and adds some cons which religion doesn't have as yet. We'll look into the possibility of doing something like this.
The mod is great. For now I still find tenets giving faith only quite useless.
About others new tenets, some I prefer not to choose. I don't know if the effect is too low or it's my opinion.
About Tithe Willingly: here, it's broken, really. -40% buyout! no, you can't do that. A money culture (I don't remember the name) get -25% reduction, and it's already soooo strong.
Balance about unlock tenets in tech is good too.

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