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Mod request
First of all, greetings to everyone here, since this is my first post. I've toyed a bunch with the official Mod Tools (you can find almost a dozen of my mods in the database), but we know they have a few limitations only dll mods can overcome. I have next to no ability to create such mods, so I've come to you asking for a mod I want to make for modding purposes.

 "Please create a dll mod that allows for Fame gains with Catch-up Stars. " 

Why I am making this request? In short, I want to test what happens if Catch-up Stars give fame. Catch-up Stars are a fantastic mechanic that allow for players behind to advance in eras and try to maintain relevance in the game, but as they give zero fame it means that the player is left behind in the Fame race, probably permanently - unless they use the newfound stars to garner enough power (usually military) to turn their situation in its head (which the AI usually never manages to do), they'll be stuck in the lower positions for the rest of the game. 

I got a hunch that giving Catch-up Stars some fame rewards (I'm guessing something between 100 and 200 per Catch-up Star) will allow those players left behind to still present a challenge to the top tier players in the late game, thus reducing the number of games that are decided in early eras, which should benefit the enjoyment of the lategame. In some sense, this is akin to the "rubber banding" effect in racing games, strengthening the players behind to keep the leaders in their toes. However, I cannot do this with current mod tools, and I'm wary such a big change can have unintended consequences, so this is why I turn to you and present this request: lemme test how it works in a mod.
Hi Docktor Kain, this is an interesting thought worth looking into. We'll take a look at it. As you say, it could have unintended consequences, so I guess if it's doable, it would be for testing purposes only at this point.
Hi Docktor Kain, we made a quick test mod that overrides the catchup star event and adds fame to it for testing purposes. 

100 fame (default settings) is awarded to a player that gets a catchup star. This number is configurable in the Humankind/BepInEx/config/AOM.Humankind.EraStarCatchupFame.cfg text file if you want to alter the number.

The mod also logs all fame events including the new fame from catchup into a FameLog.log file in the Documents/HK/Temp Files/ folder. This may or may not be useful to you, but it is in there to help test the change.

Right now it awards a flat amount regardless of era or how far behind a player is relative to the others or the era that the player is in. From what I can tell, the rate at which the star is currently awarded is based on how many players are ahead in an era, so maybe to achieve some fame based catch-up, you may want to consider a formula for the fame points awarded that is modified by the number of players in eras ahead of them and/or how far ahead they are or something more involved than a constant number.

Attached below is the compiled dll plugin and a zip with the source in case you want to change it.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 11.27 KB / Downloads: 137)
.zip   EraStarCatchupFame (Size: 10.91 KB / Downloads: 143)
Thank you! now lemme test with different configurations and see how it changes the game.
Took me a while to test the mod, and I'm sad to report it didn't helped a lot. Its hard you get more than 1 ketchup star each era, and adding +600 fame to the last player didn't changed anything fundamentally. I was trying to build plugins with more fame (was going for 300 per star to test) but everytime I try to build the script in VSC I get over 30 errors, mostly saying that I lack an assembly directive for the various namespaces.
Hey Docktor Kain,
I'm sorry to hear it didn't help a lot in its current form. You should be able to adjust the fame without rebuilding the script by adjusting the config file generated in your BepInEx folder (Humankind/BepInEx/config/AOM.Humankind.AIDebug.cfg). It should look like this:
## Settings file was created by plugin Era Star Catchup Fame v1.0.0.0
## Plugin GUID: AOM.Humankind.EraStarCatchupFame


## Base fame bonus for a catchup star.
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 100
FameBonus = 300

That said, the errors that you have compiling the script from the project are in part because I made this on a Mac and the DLL references are pointing to different folders. If you have the tool from this site installed, the easiest way would be to use the tool to create a new project and then copy the .cs files from the attached project into the new project after clearing out the .cs file that came with the new project.
Thanks! That did it. Now lets test with 300 fame per catchup star
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