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Humankind GUI Tools
NOTE: This description is not up to date, there's quite a lot more.

Project page on GitHub:

  • Manage the resources of your empire, money, influence, strategic and luxury resources.
  • Unlock/Enact/Cancel any civic in the game.
  • Unlock/Manage all technologies.
  • Infinite movement for your units (while Army Tools window is visible).
  • With the Auto Turn Tool you can allow the AI to control your empire and watch it evolve at high speed for a specified number of turns (The AOM.Humankind.FasterBattleAnimationSpeed mod is very useful when played together with this tool).
  • And many more tools for you to play with.

[Image: Showcase.png]

[Image: GameOverview.png]

Quote:This mod requires BepInEx to be installed in your game directory. If you don't have it, you can follow this guide.

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